Abyssinian Kitchen

Ethiopian & Eritrean Cuisine

Find us on NE Alberta.

We will be closed Wednesday 9/20 to Saturday 9/23.

Find us on NE Alberta.

Our Philosophy

Our Ethiopian & Eritrean cuisine is prepared using locally sourced produce, quality meat, fish and poultry products, preservative-free dried legumes and delicately balanced authentic spice blends; and served with courteous and warm hospitality that’s the hallmark of the people and culture we represent.
We offer mainly traditional dishes. However, options and alternatives are available to guests with dietary restrictions – please ask your server.
Our injera is made from 100% teff flour (gluten-free).

Abyssinian Kitchen Shiro & Hamli

Operating a restaurant that serves authentic Eritrean and Ethiopian cuisine with gracious and unmistakably Habesha hospitality has always been my dream. Recognizing the time commitment a restaurant venture would demand I deferred the pursuit of my dream until our three children have grown for there is nothing more important to me than my family. Being a first generation immigrant, l seek experiences that bring together people from diverse backgrounds and break down barriers. I believe my cooking has the power to do just that.
In the dishes I serve you will taste soulful cuisine with intricate pairing of robust spices and seasonings prepared with love. You’ll not only taste a uniquely delicious cuisine but also experience the rich tradition and culture that embodies it.

– Elsa
Owner & Chef

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